Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 4

30 Days of Me ------- DAY 4: You Parents

Oh where to begin?

My parents are, for lack of a better word, interesting :o)

They were married. Then Divorced. And then remarried to EACH OTHER....yep they are weirdos.

Mom....mom is a little bit....ummm eccentric???
She gets excited about the simplest little things (like a cute toy for a grand baby)
She favours Devin (just ask Julie :o))
Lauryn calls her Grandpa...and that makes me giggle....
Her name is NOT DAVE (me wondering if she will even remember this)

In my 26 years I have loved and hated her sometimes all in the same day!
I do not like to admit it but she has taught me a lot GAG :o)
She has raised 4 children (and it's not her fault 3 of them turned out far less awesome then me :o) JK she has 4 amazing girls!)
Anyone who can survive the teenage years with 4 daughters must be an amazing woman right? BC I am not sure my daughter will survive to see the terrific three's with me hahaha!!!

One of the traits that I envy in her is her ability to not care at all what others think of her :o) She is comfortable in her own skin and at Lonestar Steak House :o) As a matter of fact my whole family is pretty comfy there :o)

She will read this and understand that there are half a dozen inside jokes above :o) And I hope she laughs out loud.

So much to say about that old guy!
My kids think he is Santa Claus bc his face hair is white HAHA!
Lauryn and AJ walk around pretending to walk with canes and loudly declare "I GRANDPA!" This makes me giggle!!!!

He is the only person that can call me fat and not hurt my feeling or cause me to fast for like half a day :o)
I look just like him (so there it is...it's not my fault; I have his genes)

When in doubt I can always call DAD....and while he never lets you live a favor down I still don't mind asking!

His name is Bill and I joke that his daughters are all WAY PAST DUE :o) He would spare no expense to make sure his TEN grandchildren had all they needed!

He is a workaholic and seems to not understand the meaning of no! he is as unemotional as I am, even worse, so I blame him for my lack of affection towards anyone but my kids and husband!

I have difficulty taking this post serious bc my parents and I laugh and joke together....we don't shop, and bake, and "bond" together we just enjoy each other and have fun!!!!

They raised me and I think they did a good job! I love them both to death! I would be lost without them!!!


  1. I loved reading this! I laughed and I don't even know all those inside jokes :o)

  2. this is lovely! was so nice to read thjat you have a great relationship with your parens! I love reading along! :)