Monday, October 18, 2010

"You're Gonna Miss This

"...You're gonna want this back. You're gonna wish these days, hadn't gone by so fast"

Isn't this the truth.

As moms we all say that we want our babies to slow down as they hit each milestone, yet at the same time we anxiously wait for the next milestone. Once they crawl we "can't wait" until they walk and etc.

While buying diapers and toilet paper tonight I stopped and looked at Bat shaped Halloween place-mats. I took two from the rack one for AJ and one for Lauryn. I knew how excited they would be in the morning to see the new place-mats. BUT as quickly as I picked them up I put them back thinking why waste the $2 on place-mats since October is more than half over. While I was paying two older children were in line behind me buying a whoopie cushion and make-up. Fighting with each other and spending their own money. It made me think about how simple life is with our children right now. A $1 place-mat can make my kid's entire month. An airplane in the sky get them more excited than payday does for me LOL. 1 single M&M lights up their eyes...and a hug from mommy can still make everything all better. When I walk in the door after work I get 2 kids yelling "MY MOMMY'S HOME!!!" Then the "NO it's my mommy" fight ensues which I secretly LOVE :o)

I really have a hard time looking to the older years. While new milestones lie ahead and new special moments will pave the road. I want to hang onto these moments for as long as I cant because who knows how much longer I have with my "babies" before they become big kids? I don't mind diapers, teething, and runny noses. I really don't. I'm not ready to deal with "real" make-up and boyfriends/girlfriends....etc

Needless to say, my kids now have 2 shiny Bat Place-mats :o)

I Just want my boy to want mommy's kisses forever:o)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ants on a Log

I am on a mission.

A mission to teach my children that crackers, chips, cookies, etc aren't the only kinds of snacks that exist.

While I admit I eat TERRIBLY I hope to teach my kids better. MOST of you agree the schools aren't exactly a good source for nutrition education. Even Daycare. As a teacher it certainly makes my like easier having processed crackers and cookie type snacks in the class every afternoon. As a mother it leaves me wincing as the kids eat the sugar and sodium filled "tasty" processed snacks. The kids love it, however and its far more "cost effective" in a group childcare setting.

Here at home we like our yogurts, cheeses, apples, crackers etc etc.... We are slowly working with Lauryn to develop a taste for the "good stuff" she recently discovered she like apples. But those veggies are still tricky.


Lets make the good stuff fun :o) And that's what we did today! And Lauryn successfully ate Fresh Celery without having it spit straight out onto the table :o)
(note: we washed the celery first but chose to cut it at the end in order to make it easier for little fingers.)